Bye 2020 and Good Riddance

We are now 12 days into 2021. I hopefully for this year. 2020 was a year that kept having bad plot twists and events that kept me from the next plan. 2021 is a new chapter with 365 chances to have a better year. I am glad to see there will be a change of... Continue Reading →

My Adventures of Training in a 27 sqm. (300 sqft.) Korean Studio

In early December, the Korean Government mandated many businesses close to stop the spread of COVID-19. My gym closed, and it deprived me of therapy sessions to pump iron. It left me with two options: stop working out or try to do my workouts at home. I live in a tiny shoebox studio with a... Continue Reading →

La nieve en Corea

Photo by Oleg Magni on El exterior era tan frío. Hacía 20 grados bajo cero. El frío era un frío como el de antes. El frío estaba en mis huesos. El frío me hacía parar de sentir los pies. Corea es más fría que Rusia. Creo que puedo sobrevivir en Alemania.

How to Write Clear SMART Goals

I hope you can have detailed SMART goals with reading my post. You will want to focus on three things after you have done your SMART Goal Brainstorming. These are the parts your goal statements need: exactly what, by how much and by when. If you follow this order, you will have SMART goals in... Continue Reading →

Questions for a Life Audit

Here are six sections with different questions. This exercise can you figure out what you want to do in 2021. Happy New Year. I will the next year is a good one for you. -Wonderburger -Habits What habits did your cultivate in 2020 to stay grounded?How can you take what you cultivated and make new... Continue Reading →

Life Audit of 2020

A. Habits What habits did you cultivate in 2020 to stay grounded? In the last year, I maintained a habit of going to the gym, disconnected from my phone, worked on positive towards myself, used money to learn new skills and have more me time.How can you take what you cultivated and make new habits... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Focused on My Fitness

I have spent the majority of 2020 training and caring for my body. I did this because I realised my body is the building supporting both my physical and non-physical being. If I want both a good mental and physical state, I must care for my physical part. Back in March of 2020, I started... Continue Reading →

An Update for December 2020

In Korea, COVID is getting worse and not slowing down. The case numbers are now in the 1,200 every day. The last two to three weeks I have not been to the gym or held classes in my classroom. At the moment, I am training at home and teaching my students from Zoom. I was sad I spend the... Continue Reading →

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