2022: Ich bin dankbar für….

Ich bin dankbar für…. 22 Sachen für 2022! -Ich bin dankbar, nicht ich in Seoul bin. -Ich bin dankbar, mehr zu schreiben. -Ich bin dankbar für meine Familie und meine Freunde. -Ich bin dankbar, dass ich in Berlin bin. -Ich bin dankbar für das Fitnessstudio. -Ich bin dankbar für mein Leben. -Ich bin dankbar für... Continue Reading →

Waiting Mode the Long Journey to a Visa in Germany

I was supposed to fly to Morocco yesterday, but I was not in Madrid to get on this flight..... I did not leave Europe..... I am in waiting mode sitting here for my visa appointment. It has been a long road to this day, but now I am only eleven days from the day that... Continue Reading →

Unstuck in Seoul

I spent the last two years of my time in Seoul feeling trapped in a toxic job I was ready to leave. It felt there was no way out of teaching in Seoul for me. I saw Emily, on my social media, was offering coaching sessions and reached out to her. I was glad I... Continue Reading →

The Tiergarten

If you come to Berlin, you should spend a few hours checking out the Tiergarten Park. It is a huge park with lots of big trees and spaces to explore. It is the third-largest urban green space in Germany and is a total of 210 hectares (520-acres). There are lots a of areas to rest,... Continue Reading →

A Poem: Healing

Healing is shedding and letting go of the past. Healing is accepting what happened and learning how to move forward. Healing is breathing and being present. Healing is allowing space to be safe, happy and peaceful. Healing is finding myself lost in nature. Healing is allowing me to bridge onwards to a new chapter. By... Continue Reading →

Healing Post SK

photo by me from a walk I have made it a habit to go on long walks in the morning to get some sun and be with nature. I didn’t realise I was lucky with all the forest and green spaces around me. My morning walks have become more of a key to heal from... Continue Reading →

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