Wonderburger in New Orleans March 2014


I spent four days in New Orleans for the 2014 Mardi Gras Season. In four days, I fell in love with the food, music, history, and architecture of this breathtaking city. I believe to gain a good grasp of a culture and a city you have to eat foods that are renowned in that region. New Orleans is famous for their seafood, Cajun, and Southern food. I had the opportunity to enjoy some of the best food this has to city offer.

The first night I arrived in New Orleans I was welcomed into my friend’s house with some homemade gumbo. The gumbo had sausage, chicken, rice, beans, and other vegetables thrown into a big pot. Gumbo in New Orleans is like brisket in my home state of Texas. As in how the citizens of New Orleans pride themselves in their homemade gumbo. During Mardi Gras, I wondered into a neighborhood called Claiborne. There was a bridge and people were parked under the bridge. The people were celebrating Fat Tuesday. Many of the partakers had big cooking pots setup with gumbo cooking in the pot. It was in this moment that I realized how important gumbo is in Louisiana. A hint of hot sauce is all that is needed to have the perfect bowl of gumbo.

Another amazing meal I had was some fresh seafood on my second day of this trip. I had the pleasure of going to a restaurant called Olde N’awlins Cookery a Cajun & Creole restaurant. This restaurant is located in the heart of the French Quarter. I ordered an appetizer of fried and blue and blacked gator tail bites. The gator tail bites were delicious with a Remoulade sauce. This was my first time eating gator. I believe that gator dose not taste like chicken. Gator has its own unique taste and I suggest you try gator once. I am now a big fan of gator and will more than likely order some gator on my next visit to New Orleans. After the gator tail bites, I got to enjoy my lunch. I ordered a fried seafood platter with fried oysters, shrimp, and catfish and a side fries. The freshness of the seafood could be tasted in the meat of the oysters, shrimp, and catfish. The batter for the fry was perfect as in the batter was a perfect golden brown and was crispy. This is how I like my batter on my fried food not too crispy or over cooked. The cost for the meal was reasonable too. I spent only $20.00 on my meal. Plus, with this restaurant being in the French Quarter I think the prices are not too expensive.

The final night I spent in New Orleans fell on Fat Tuesday. I spent most of the night on Bourbon Street collecting beads, checking out different bars, and socializing with other people. The police were on horseback and clearing the streets so the city could clean up the street after all the parting. After the bars shutdown at midnight, I ventured down to Café Du Monde for coffee and some beignets. This was the perfect snack after wondering Bourbon Street and the bars. A beignet is a square piece of dough that’s fried and covered with powered sugar. Usually an order of beignets comes with three beignets. I ordered one order of beignets and a cup of coffee. The texture of the beignets was light and fluffy like a doughnut. There was a lot of powered sugar covering the top of the fried delight like snow. I inhaled some of this powered sugar as I was eating my beignets. Beignets go well with a cup of hot coffee. This was the best way to end my stay in New Orleans. As this trip drew to an end, I was inspired to write about the different foods I enjoyed. I hope to go back to New Orleans and enjoy more of the amazing foods this city has to offer.

Three Beignets

Three Beignets

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter


2 thoughts on “Wonderburger in New Orleans March 2014

  1. Hi Chelsea! I am very pleased to discover you have put together such a wonderful adventure in Europe! Reading about your horseback riding in Ireland took me back to ice skating as a child, it is amazing how recalling these pleasant experiences can bring peace to the soul. I love your blog, please keep up the good work, and do keep in touch! BTW, if you go to Jack Allens’ in Austin, be sure to go for cocktail time, they have valet parking, and the cocktails are super, and the appetizers (get two to share and take friends with). I had a blackberry mojito, and it was amazing! Keep in touch!

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