4 Things I Will the Most as I am in Spain

As winter turns into spring, I am getting closer to receiving my placement letter to teach in Madrid, Spain for the 2014-2015 school year. I am filled with mixed feelings about the leap I am about to take, but I will grown and change during this adventure. I am about to leave the comfort and the familiar of the United States for an unknown land called Spain. I have been reflecting on what I will miss the most while I am in Spain for 9 months.

  1. FRIENDS & FAMILY: I will miss each and every one of you. I will miss being able to call someone and go do random stuff. I will have to make new friends to survive my stay in Spain. I won’t ever replace y’all. Friends grilling food and throwing a party. Girl’s night. Getting margaritas with my dad. Daughter and Dad time.
  1. FOOD: Trudy’s Stuffed Avocado, Thundercloud Subs, 888 Asian Restaurant, and more. I will miss the Tex-Mex I have been eating this stuff all my life.  I know I won’t find any of these places in Spain. From what I have read Spaniards are not too fond of spice in their food. Guess I will have to pack some spices in my luggage. I am going to have to have friends send me care packages with foodies from home.
  1. PLACES IN AUSTIN: Places around town: the Hike and Bike Trail, Congress, Summer Moon Coffee Shop, Whole Foods, Local Farmer’s Market, Formal 1 Weekend and accent hunting, Wake the Dead Coffee Shop, Kerby Lane Café, Boomerz Bar and Karoke, Fado’s Irish Pub, Elysium, Headhunters, Lake Travis, and San Marcos River.
  1. SPEAKING ENGLISH: Communicating in English on a daily basis is simple for me. While in Spain, I will have to use Spanish to communicate. I am excited to practice my Spanish. In the long run, I will be able to say I can speak two languages and maybe claim that on my resume. Let’s be honest! I’m going to be worn out every day just trying to survive in Spanish. It will be tiring.

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