New Beginnings

Everything that has taken place over the last year has led me to the choice to live and work abroad. My grandmother passing away. My childhood home being sold. Relationships falling apart. Feeling restless with the current environment. I am ready to meet new people, experience life, and visit places I dreamed about.

What you think the your future will be like is wrong because nothing turns out the way you envision it. The future is one big mystery. I am standing at an cliff and looking into the unknown. I don’t who will be my friends years from now. Where I will be living 2 years from now.  Or if I will be alive next week. All I know is that I have now and I need to make best of it. I am ready for the game called Life and where it will take me. Who knows what the next year will bring.  


Growth and Change

I know it’s the time to leave my hometown and explore the world. I’ve become restless with my current surroundings. My soul screams for change and new things like people, environment, and life. I can’t sit here anymore doing the same old thing with my current life. I don’t feel the zest anymore in Austin. I need to grow as a person and change. Why not leave for Europe? New people and environment await me in Spain. I will be living in a place where Spanish is the prime language used. I will not have a car and have to depend on public transit. I will make new friends. I promise I won’t forget where I come from and the ones that I love. I gotta keep moving on with my life. Life is a beautiful thing and I am ready for the ride. Cheers!

Anxieties of Turning in My 2 Weeks Notice

I’m less than a month away from turning in my 2 weeks notice to my office job. I am racking up a lot of anxiety because I’m nervous about how my boss will react and then dealing with the 2 odd weeks left at the job. I can’t simply tell my boss that I’m moving overseas to Spain.  Suggestions on what to do?

What’s Home?

I’ve spent the last 27 years living in the same place called Austin, Texas. In May of this year, my family sold my big 3500 sq. foot home and 30 acres of land to the City of Austin. Since, May I have been struggling to identify my definition of home. My father’s new place is not home to me. It’s a strange new place that’s surrounded by odd neighbors. Plus, I will note it’s an RV and not idealistic  for my lifestyle. I understand why my father bought the RV, so he can uproot out of Austin and move to Montana after he retires. The RV is ideal for him and his needs. I knew back in May I was going to be leaving the U.S. for Europe. At that time, I viewed my father’s place as a crashing pad to stay and keep my belongings. 

This summer I’ve been lucky because one of my friends has allowed me to care for her pets and stay at her place free of charge. I love spending time down at the pool late at night swimming with friends and not worrying about getting a sunburn.  I have enjoyed my temporary home. I can say that I lived in the South Congress  (SOCO) Area now. SOCO is a cute trendy neighborhood around South Austin. There’s coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and more within walking distance from the condo. I’ve loved being able to walk around this popular neighborhood people watching and enjoying the environment around me. I love the charm and the closeness to downtown. SOCO can be expensive and is a tourist trap. I would not want to roam around SOCO during the weekend. There’s too many people out and about. I will miss my condo.      

In less than a month and half, I will be leaving for Spain. I have all kinds of anxieties built up within me. I worry about losing friends and staying in touch with people in the U.S. Plus, adjusting to a new life and having to communicate in Spanish in Madrid.  I grew up in Texas there’s a lot of Spanish speakers and I have taken Spanish in high school and college. There’s hope I will survive. I am excited to travel and live in Europe, see things I’ve always wanted to see, experience new cultures and learn new stuff. This will be my 1st time on my own too. I am worried about failing and having to return to the U.S. I don’t want to fail and I will fight to stay and be on my own. 

 If you would have asked me ten years ago, will you stay in Austin forever I would have said yes. Now that view has chanced. I have outgrown Austin and this city has changed too much for me. There’s too many people here. The traffic is awful and is going to get 50x worse over the next few years. Cost of living has gotten too expensive and outrageous. To make it in Austin, Texas, you need lots of money. I don’t want to work 2-3 jobs to live in a trendy city.   I am ready to move on with my life and find a new place to call home.  Austin, Texas, is no longer my home. I will leave this place with all the wonderful memories I have and come back to visit. Where’s my future home? I for see myself being a wanderlust soul till I find my new home. =) Traveling the world the next 5-7 years will answer questions and solve my mystery of my home. 


Have you ever experienced trouble identifying what’s home to you or where your home is?