Anxieties of Turning in My 2 Weeks Notice

I’m less than a month away from turning in my 2 weeks notice to my office job. I am racking up a lot of anxiety because I’m nervous about how my boss will react and then dealing with the 2 odd weeks left at the job. I can’t simply tell my boss that I’m moving overseas to Spain.  Suggestions on what to do?


One thought on “Anxieties of Turning in My 2 Weeks Notice

  1. How exciting! I, too, had anxiety when I knew I’d be handing in my resignation a month later. What I did was start getting all of my work in order, and I made a list of all of my responsibilities so my replacement would know exactly what they needed to do. As for your boss’s reaction…don’t stress about it. It’s YOUR life, and if they can’t be excited for your new adventure, then that’s their problem! Anyway, once you give your 2 weeks notice, you’re going to be too happy and excited to care what they think!!! I say tell your boss about Spain! Best of luck…and don’t worry, when you’re enjoying tapas in Spain, your former boss and job will be the last thing on your mind 😉

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