Mañana: The Spanish Philosophy of Life

I have always been stressed and worried about something in life. Either I’ve been worried about what others think about me or how an action I choose will effect me in the future.  I am a chronic worrier and have a bad case of anxiety. I have taken on the Spanish philosophy on life. In Spanish, mañana means “tomorrow.” Everything will come together, but you still need to be proactive about getting stuff done. I am relaxed and easy going because of my new home. 

In Spain, life is slower and easy going. Spaniards look at getting something done when they get around to the task. Spanish philosophy is looking at a task with ease. If the task is not completed today, there is always tomorrow. This slower approach to life has made me slow down and not stress at an unnecessary level of stress. Yes!!! I’ve been stressed out about different things, but I’ve been able to manage my stress.

  • Finding my way to a new place
  • Speaking sad Spanish to communicate to with a Spaniard
  • Money
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a residential card
  • Finding a piso (apartment)
  • Dealing with awful landlord who doesn’t care about his tenants
  • Making new friends
  • Affairs back in the USA

I am in Spain where siestas, 2 hour long lunches, and philosophy of enjoying life as it comes are number one. I’ve adopted Spanish philosophy into my life and have noticed a change in my stress and worry levels. In the end of the day, everything works out. I’ve been through a lot the last 30 days, but I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I love my life here. I am in love with Spanish philosophy on life. I am proud of how I am finally not worrying so much about elements in my life I don’t have control over. There are issues in the US I have no control over. Being in Spain does not mean that I don’t care about affairs back home. I’ve just put those worries on the back burner. Mañana! I am going to live my life and enjoy my time in Spain. I am not going to dwell on things I don’t have control on or that are not my fault. I am in BLOODLY SPAIN!!! I am going to enjoy my new city and life as it comes. I am not going to worry what others think of me. I am going to love life and take it as comes.


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