Thanksgiving in Madrid

This year was the first time in my life to not had Thanksgiving with family and friends in Texas. I worked Thanksgiving Day, but in exchange for working Thursday I got a 4 day weekend out of the deal. It was my first time to attend an Friendsgiving.  It was a wonderful feast with good company. There was turkey, stuffing, cornbread, sweet yams, mashed potatoes, and more. There was so much love and care put into making the food. Just about everything at the dinner was homemade. My Friendsgiving was just like any other gathering at home, but unique in the fact that I was having Thanksgiving in a different country.  I ate a lot of food. I think I gain 12 pounds from all the food.  Sad part is I fell asleep and slept for 12 + hours. Oh boy! Talk about being tired all day.

This time of the year I reflect  on my life and what I am thankful for. 2014 has been a amazing year with lots of chances from moving overseas and getting rid of bad energy. This year I have a lot to be thankful for.

  1. I am grateful for my family
  2. I am grateful for all the friends in the US that want to maintain contact with me
  3. I thankful for the chance to live, work, and travel in Europe
  4. I am thankful for my masters
  5. I am grateful for my strong drive accomplish goals and chase my dream
  6. I am happy to be the person I am and know who I am
  7. I am happy for how positive and rewarding my experience has been in Madrid
  8. I am lucky for all the experiences in life I have been granted

Travel Plans for December 2014 -June 2015

I’ve made plans to go to South Spain and Barcelona in late December to early January.

In February, I want to visit a random place.

I’ve decided to visit London, Bath, Edinburgh, and the Highlands for 10 days in March.

In April, I want to go on a trip to Porto or Valencia to the beach.

A trip to Amsterdam and Brussels would be ideal for May.

June who knows where I will end up.

Rebirth: Why I Will Never Live in Austin Again

I’ve spent most of my life in Austin, Texas. I moved out of Austin at age of 28. I don’t plan on moving back. I finally got myself free from negative energy that was sucking me dry. The negative energy I am talking about are people who I should have never been around. I couldn’t hide in Austin because the city is so small and there was no escape. I moved 5,000 miles away from home and have experienced the personal growth and change I’ve been wanting and lacking. In Madrid, I am mental stimulated again and able to think clearly without the influence of negative energies. I’ve been allowed to shed my old skin for a new skin. It’s a second chance.  I have too many scares and memories in Austin that I want to forget. I want to move on and reinvent myself. I am not running from my past. I am allowing myself a new start without the negative energy effecting my daily life.  After Spain, I am looking to join the Peace Corps for a 2 year term. I want to just live and travel aboard for the next few years. I want to relocate to Seattle by my mid to late 30s.  I am never moving back to Austin, but I will visit the Live Music Capital of the World.

A 3 Day Trip in Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is only one hour away via plane and 9 hours by train. There’s a metro stop at the airport and it will take you straight to the centre of town. I would recommend buying a Lisbon Card at the airport. Why? The card allows you to use the public transportation system, get a discount into exhibits, or even get into places for FREE. Note!!!! None of the monuments or museums are open on Mondays! Also, 1st Sunday of each month means free entrance into most of monuments or museums in Lisbon.


Lisbon is a clean city with lush green grass. It’s beautiful little city. The city is known as one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe. I came to Portugal with little knowledge of the culture and history of this place. I left with an appreciation of their influence in discovery of the new world and their knowledge of sailing the seas. Also, I discovered how far back people lived in Lisbon: Bronze Age, Moors, Romans, Middle Ages, and to Current Times.

My 3 favorite places I went to in Portugal were Jeronimos MonasteryCastelo dos Mouros, and Castle of São Jorge. All three of these places are filled with history and show how long civilization has been in Portugal.  I would recommend going on a day trip to the beach or checking out castles and palaces. I enjoyed seeing the different castles and palaces in Sintra, Portugal.  I spent 3 days in Lisbon and loved my trip. I like the coastal area more than the city because it made me think of Ireland. The coastal area is green and lush. It’s cooler around the ocean. I want to go back to Portugal to see the beaches. =) 

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Question for the Read have you ever been to Lisbon? What did you do? What would you suggest for someone to do in Lisbon or Portugal?

Update: 46 Days in Spain

I can’t believe it’s November! I have less than 238 days left in Madrid till I fly home for the summer! WOW! I plan on renewing for the coming school year in Madrid. I am grateful for the chance to live here and travel around Europe. I feel extremely lucky to be chasing my lifelong dreams of living in Europe and traveling.

In the past 46 days,  I’ve become familiar with Madrid and have changed as person. I am doing extremely well for someone who has never lived on their own. I am living overseas in a Spanish speaking country.  I’ve been living in my flat now for a month and one week. I am unpacked and settled in! I successfully opened a Spanish banking account. I got my residential paperwork submitted to the Spanish Government and should be receiving my residential card in early December. I voted abroad and visited the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. I have 5 clients for English tutoring. I have one language exchange class and it’s FREE. I am studying Spanish in my free time. I lost 12 pounds and getting back into a healthy lifestyle. I need to plan my travels for the coming year. I need to save money up for a roundtrip ticket back to the U.S. and back home (Madrid).

I went to Lisbon for a 3 day weekend and fell in love with the countryside of Portugal. Portugal has under appreciated history and worldly influence, but their influence is there and needs to appreciated by the world.  I saw a lot of history in my 3 day stay. The coastal area makes me think of my happy place (IRELAND I need to make a trip there soon). I will be writing a blog about my visit to Lisbon.