Update: 46 Days in Spain

I can’t believe it’s November! I have less than 238 days left in Madrid till I fly home for the summer! WOW! I plan on renewing for the coming school year in Madrid. I am grateful for the chance to live here and travel around Europe. I feel extremely lucky to be chasing my lifelong dreams of living in Europe and traveling.

In the past 46 days,  I’ve become familiar with Madrid and have changed as person. I am doing extremely well for someone who has never lived on their own. I am living overseas in a Spanish speaking country.  I’ve been living in my flat now for a month and one week. I am unpacked and settled in! I successfully opened a Spanish banking account. I got my residential paperwork submitted to the Spanish Government and should be receiving my residential card in early December. I voted abroad and visited the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. I have 5 clients for English tutoring. I have one language exchange class and it’s FREE. I am studying Spanish in my free time. I lost 12 pounds and getting back into a healthy lifestyle. I need to plan my travels for the coming year. I need to save money up for a roundtrip ticket back to the U.S. and back home (Madrid).

I went to Lisbon for a 3 day weekend and fell in love with the countryside of Portugal. Portugal has under appreciated history and worldly influence, but their influence is there and needs to appreciated by the world.  I saw a lot of history in my 3 day stay. The coastal area makes me think of my happy place (IRELAND I need to make a trip there soon). I will be writing a blog about my visit to Lisbon.


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