Thanksgiving in Madrid

This year was the first time in my life to not had Thanksgiving with family and friends in Texas. I worked Thanksgiving Day, but in exchange for working Thursday I got a 4 day weekend out of the deal. It was my first time to attend an Friendsgiving.  It was a wonderful feast with good company. There was turkey, stuffing, cornbread, sweet yams, mashed potatoes, and more. There was so much love and care put into making the food. Just about everything at the dinner was homemade. My Friendsgiving was just like any other gathering at home, but unique in the fact that I was having Thanksgiving in a different country.  I ate a lot of food. I think I gain 12 pounds from all the food.  Sad part is I fell asleep and slept for 12 + hours. Oh boy! Talk about being tired all day.

This time of the year I reflect  on my life and what I am thankful for. 2014 has been a amazing year with lots of chances from moving overseas and getting rid of bad energy. This year I have a lot to be thankful for.

  1. I am grateful for my family
  2. I am grateful for all the friends in the US that want to maintain contact with me
  3. I thankful for the chance to live, work, and travel in Europe
  4. I am thankful for my masters
  5. I am grateful for my strong drive accomplish goals and chase my dream
  6. I am happy to be the person I am and know who I am
  7. I am happy for how positive and rewarding my experience has been in Madrid
  8. I am lucky for all the experiences in life I have been granted

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