My 15 Discoveries: Living Abroad for Nearly 90 Days

1. Being separated from my home and the familiar has allowed me to spring clean my life. I’ve flushed all the negative out of my life and allowed myself to have a new life.

2. I’ve accepted that life is constantly moving and changing. I’ve accepted that most things and people in life are just passing through my life. I am learning the right balance between bonding and letting go.

3. I am improving my Spanish one day at a time. I’ve become better at listen and understanding Spanish on the streets. My vocabulary has expanded a lot. In the past, 2 months I’ve been to the ER 2x’s and a Bone Specialist all together 3x’s. I’ve communicated in sad broken Spanish, but I’ve been successful in getting what I need treated. Plus, medical terms in Spanish are very similar to English. I think I’ve faced one of my worst fears as in seeing a doctor that didn’t speak English.

4. I don’t look so far into the future. I focus on the present and what is taken place in front of me.

5. I am a much simpler person now. I brought 2 luggage bags and a duffle bag with me from home. I’ve realized that you don’t need that much to live and make it through life. I now live out of my 2 luggage bags and duffle bag. Yes. I have a Louis Vuitton back in Texas, but that bag does not mean the world to me. Living in Europe, experiencing life, and traveling abroad means more to me than a high end designer bag. Yes. I love high end designer bags like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Prada; however, experiencing  life overseas is more valuable to me. I can always get another bag, but I can’t experience an amazing moment more than once.

6. I’ve learned there are times that you really need to reach out and ask for help. I’ve asked for help for different things such as a coworker calling my health insurance for a reference code, getting a translation, or my boss going to the doctor to help translate what I want the doctor to know. I may not be fluent in Spanish, but I’ve accepted that there are times when you need help from others.

7. Being patient in life. Spain’s system on how things are done is approached at a slower pace. I’ve learned that when something crazy happens breathe and look at the overall picture.

8. At the end of the day everything will work out and life will be okay. In the end, everything will come together. Focus on what need’s to be done.  =) These are words coming a spaz.

9. There’s nothing wrong with going out by yourself and enjoying the day.

10. You are in control of your life and how you feel. Make the best of what you got and smile.

11. Living in a foreign country makes you get out of comfort zone and experience life in new ways.

12. No matter where you go you will find to people to become friends with. I’ve met so many interesting people in the last 90 days.

13. Skype is the greatest invention ever! I can keep in touch with people without an issue other than a timezone difference.

14. My life has become the unfamiliar, but I am excited for this change in my life.  I don’t know where I will be next or living 10 years from now. I want to live overseas for a while. I am happy. I don’t want to live in Austin, Texas, ever again.

15. I have a strong lust for living and traveling abroad.


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