Why Living on Your Own in a Foreign Country is the Best

I spent most of my college days living at my dad’s place. So many people got on my case for my choice to stay at home during college. I personal think staying at home during college is not a bad idea. My dad is a relaxed parent and everything worked out for me. I had a free place to stay. I didn’t have to work and worry about bills. I could focus on my studies.

I finished a bachelors and masters by staying home. Now I am on my own living in Madrid, Spain, 5,000 miles away from Texas. I am living my dream of living in Europe! I sacrificed living on my own at an early age to make sure I finished school and to allow me the chance to do what I wanted to do with my life.

Moving to Madrid was one of the best choices I made in my life. Why? I believe moving to a Non-English speaking country made me improve my Spanish, break barriers, overcome fears, meet new people, discover more about myself, independent, and improve my confidence. I had to find a flat on my own speaking sad broken Spanish! I got a flat in just 9 days after landing in Madrid. I successfully opened a bank account! I had to visit a Spanish only speaking doctor for medical help. I had to make new friends.

I’ve learned how to accept another type of society and culture into my daily life.  I am living in a place with different customs and traditions from the ones in the USA, I had to be accept and be open to Spain’s customs and culture. .

The most significant effect of living away from home is the independent behavior that grows inside of you. Living on your own far from home gives you a lot of experiences toward organizing your life. Since it’s just you,   no one else to help you.  You develop a good and strong meaning of responsibility. Being independent and responsible will help you get through life every goal you want to achieve.

We have to remember that all changes are difficult, but they are necessary to go through them to build character. Most important of all, it helps us appreciate everything we have. Not realizing how lucky we are can be a really bad mistake because things don’t last forever and we have to make the best out of them.


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