Going for Round 2 in Madrid Spain

I’ve decided to renew for another year teaching in Madrid, Spain, as an English ESL Teacher. Why? I’ve enjoyed to the chance to live abroad, practice and improve my Spanish, travel to other European countries for cheap, experience life, and meet new people. I am in the process of renewing right now. I am writing a short letter explaining why I want to stay another year. After next year, I want to stay in Madrid another year or move up to North Spain. We will see what happens.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to live and work aboard in Europe.

I’ve made some plans on where I want to go next year.

Year Two

  1. Spain and Morocco: Morocco and Straight of Gibraltar
  2. Multi Country: Switzerland, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest
  3. Italy: Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Venice
  4. France: Paris
  5. Spain: Ibiza
  6. Spain: Galicia and Basque Country

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