I won’t lie. I’ve been searching Skyscanner for the perfect ticket to return home for the summer. I can’t buy my ticket yet. Why? I am unsure of when I will be returning home. I want to have a clearer idea of when I will be returning home for the summer. I am getting annoyed waiting to find out what the next few months will bring. I am finished with my contract for this school year at the end of June. Then what?

  1. I could stay in Spain for another month working at a summer camp and make some money
  2. I could return to the US in early July or travel 
  3. I could stay in Spain all summer as a beach bum

Out of these 3 options I really want to work all of July at an ESL camp and return home for 6-7 weeks. Then return to Madrid for round two. Right now I am waiting to receive news that I’ve been offered some kind of summer job. I am nervous. I want a summer job.  I want to know what’s going to happen after I finish my school year contract.  Staying in Spain all summer would be too much for me and I would be forced to become a beach bum. I miss my family and friends and would like to see everyone back home. I don’t want to return to the US at the start of July. Traveling in July would deplete my funds for year two, so that plan is out!  I want to save up some more money for when I return to Spain to start year 2 and I would like to go one more trip. Early August is when I want to return home. I hope this is what is in the cards for me.

End of Rant!!!!


Ciudad Encantada and Cuenca Spain: A Nice Day Trip from Madrid

I am glad I went on this day trip. I’ve been sick with the travel bug and been wanting escape Madrid. This trip was unplanned and last minute. I went through a company called BeMadrid. I only spent 25 Euros on the trip. That included entrance into the Ciudad Encantada, private tour bus, and a visit to the famous medieval city with hanging houses called Cuenca.

Ciudad Encantada was neat. Why? There was a surprise!!! Snow!!!! I was only expecting rain.  My feet got wet and cold, but it was worth the my feet suffering. The rock formations were spectator. The snow was an added bonus! The snow made the park more beautiful and enchanting. I can see why this park is called Ciudad Encantada. It was nice to get out of Madrid and see nature and snow. This park is famous because the rock formations look like different animals and the movie Conan the Barbarian was filmed in this park.



After wondering around in the snow and looking at different rock formations, the tour bus came to pick up the tour group. We headed to Cueca to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring this amazing medieval city. When the tour bus arrived, the tour group walked up a hill and we had to walk across the St. Paul Bridge. I had a hard time walking across this bridge. Why? The bridge was suspended high above a canyon, a narrow walking path, and the bridge moved when the wind blew. I was nervous walking across, but the houses on the cliffs distracted me from the bridge.


When I was on this bridge, I got to see the famous hanging houses of Cuenca. I was amazed at how old these houses are and how the houses were built on the side of the cliffs. This bridge took the tour group into the old part of Cuenca and to the Plaza Mayor (the main centre) of this city. After the tour group got to Plaza Mayor, we all took a break and ate lunch. At lunchtime it was impossible to find a table to sit down and eat, so my group ended up getting sandwiches at a little tonic bar that was tucked away from the Plaza Mayor. Lunch ended and the tour group went on a walk of the old city part. I fell in love with the narrow cobble stone streets.The streets were like a maze. The old buildings were impressive. We walked around to different points of the city to get different views of the surroundings. We got to see a nun convent that was still operating. Plus, we learned about a sad romantic story that took place in a passage away called

The girl (she is rich) falls in love with Guy A (he is poor). Guy A went away to war to make himself a better man and move up the social class chain. Guy B comes in the picture. Guy A returns from war to prove his love to the girl, but the girl is now talking to Guy B. Guy A and Guy B sword fight and fall over the cliffs. The girl becomes a nun. El Fin! Great story to hear on Valentine’s Day!

 The walking tour ended and we were allowed free time to roam around the city. The cathedral and other museums shutdown by the time the walking tour ended. I wish we were giving free time to explore the city on our first because I wanted to see the inside of the cathedral and visit a couple museums


As my group of travel buddies walked back towards the St. Paul Bridge, we passed the Museum of Cuenca. It was free to get into the museum. I love the word free! We got to see different exhibits on Roman influences in the region and other civilizations. The history of this city fascinated me because of the different civilizations that lived in Cuenca. I learned more about the city and history of the region. After the museum closed, it was time to head back to the bus and go back home to Madrid. I was very pleased with the tour. It only cost me 25 Euros!


Tour de Tejas

This school year is moving too fast. I only have 4 months left for my contract. I will be returning to Austin in the summer. I can’t believe I will be back in Texas soon.


  1. Downtown Austin
  2. Hike and Bike Trail
  3. SOCO
  4. Domain
  5. Drag
  6. Texas State
  7. Lake Travis
  8. San Antonio
  9. Houston
  10. Dallas


  1. Trudy’s
  2. Salt Lick
  3. Thundercloud Subs
  4. Dan’s or Sandy’s
  5. Kerby Lane Cafe
  6. Torchy’s Tacos
  7. Home Slice
  8. Fonda San Miguel
  9. South Congress Cafe
  10. Jim’s


  1. Bouldin Creek Cafe
  2. Summer Moon
  3. Spider House
  4. Cup of Joe

20 Goals for My Late 20s to my Mid 30s

  1. I want to travel and see all of places on my European travel list in 3 years
  2. I want to get a CELTA or TEFL certification
  3. I want to become bilingual in English and Spanish
  4. I want to see California
  5. I want to teach in Korea for a school year and travel to Japan and China
  6. I want to be able to run long distances
  7. I want my back to get better, so I can continue to live a health life
  8. I want to join the Peace Corps and teach English in South America and see all of South America
  9. I want travel to New Zealand and Australia
  10. I want to get a Ph. D. and teach at a university
  11. I want a home of my own
  12. I want to get married to the right guy
  13. I want furry babies instead of children
  14. I want to do a marathon
  15. I want to scuba dive more often
  16. I want to spend time camping
  17. I want to see the Northern Lights in Alaska and Norway
  18. I want to do a road trip to California
  19. I want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  20. I want to just live a wonderful and happy life

Time to Reflect on My Life

I have 4 months left of my contract in Madrid. I am renewing for another year to teach in Spain. I’ve decided that I want to spend the rest of my working career in the educational field. I never want to work as server or cashier again. I am over these types of jobs! I want to work in higher education and focus on international education. I love the university scene. The next few months I am going to research more into higher education and international education.  After I finish spending 2 more years in Spain, I want to return USA and go back to school for another degree. Maybe a 2nd masters? Maybe I will attempt to get a Ph.D.  (the Big Enchilada)?  Who knows!!! My goal for the next school year is find different universities on the East Coast and the Northwest that have programs that focus in higher education or international education. All I know is that I don’t want to return to Austin, Texas. I want to live some where new and exciting.