Tour de Tejas

This school year is moving too fast. I only have 4 months left for my contract. I will be returning to Austin in the summer. I can’t believe I will be back in Texas soon.


  1. Downtown Austin
  2. Hike and Bike Trail
  3. SOCO
  4. Domain
  5. Drag
  6. Texas State
  7. Lake Travis
  8. San Antonio
  9. Houston
  10. Dallas


  1. Trudy’s
  2. Salt Lick
  3. Thundercloud Subs
  4. Dan’s or Sandy’s
  5. Kerby Lane Cafe
  6. Torchy’s Tacos
  7. Home Slice
  8. Fonda San Miguel
  9. South Congress Cafe
  10. Jim’s


  1. Bouldin Creek Cafe
  2. Summer Moon
  3. Spider House
  4. Cup of Joe

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