Parque del Capricho (Park of Capricho) in Madrid

Spring is finally making an appearance in Spain. I’ve spent the last 5 months dealing with cold weather. I am from Texas and not use to having a long cold winter but, I’ve become fond of Spain’s weather. Why? The weather it is more gradual in temperature change. In my opinion, Texas is bipolar with the way the weather trends change so often. For example, in the winter, Texas will experience days where the weather is 80ºF (26ºC) and then the temperature will drop to 32ºF (0ºC). I can’t stand the cold… hot… cold… hot…. weather patterns in Texas.

This past weekend Madrid  started to experience spring like weather. During the past week, I started to notice different trees starting to bloom. The weather became more decent and warmer. It was sunny and the high for the day was 68ºF (20ºC). The temperature was too perfect! I went with a friend to explore the park. My friend and I wanted to explore a new part in the city and take pictures. I had received suggestions from other people to visit Prque del Capricho. This park was perfect for us!

The park was created by the Duchess Maria Josefa de la Soledad Alsono Pimentel in 1784. After the death of the Duchess, the Park began to lose popularity with public. It was not until 1974 when the City of Madrid bought and began to restore the park.  The project to restore the park was finished in 1999.


The park houses important botanical, sculptural, and artistic treasures. Among them are shrines, hermitages, fountains, small plazas, and the palace of dukes, among others. The garden is composed of three sections: the parterre or French garden, the English landscape, and the Italian giardino. The Italian garden is in the lower section and is the oldest part of the original property. There are hedges that are combined with trees. The trees are ideal for people to use as shade from the sun. Nearby, is a  maze that is made up of laurel trees. The maze is the same as the original plans used during the period when the Duchess was alive. The last section of the park is designed as a typical English landscape garden. This park is best for leisure strolls with company . There are many hidden places that are worth checking out.


When I was in this park, I forgot that I live in a big city. I love going to parks to get close to nature. Once and a while, I get over whelmed with the concrete jungle that I live and work in. I love the city, but going to the country or a park lkeeps me sane. I grew up in a city where there were a lot of parks, greenbelts, and nature preserves. I miss the Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake) Hike and Bike Trail back in Austin, Texas. I am grateful for Madrid having the most green zones and parks in Europe. Get out and see this park! You will enjoy your time in Parque del Capricho.


Within a month, I plan to return to this park. I want to catch the peak of the blooming season. This park is very clean compared to Retrio. I didn’t see any trash on the grounds. In my view, this park is well kept. The grass is very green and lush. I like this park more than Retiro because it is not as popular with tourists. The metro ride is only a 35 minute ride. You can take line 5 to El Capricho. From the metro the park is only a 10 to 15 minute walk. You can’t bring food or drinks into the park. The park is free to enter. I would suggest this park to anyone wanting to see new things in Madrid.


2 thoughts on “Parque del Capricho (Park of Capricho) in Madrid

  1. Good recommendation, Chelsea, and I would say, one of the best blog entries you’ve written. I’ll definitely make a visit here!

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