Waiting for the Carta

I have a feeling that leaving Madrid for the summer is going to be a rat race to the airport and gate. I’ve been super nervous about getting to go leave at the end of May. I am waiting on my carta so I can get my renewal paperwork turned into the Spanish Government. I need to start squaring away things. ┬áSuch as finishing my renewal paperwork, so I can quick turn in the docs and get my regresso for August. Also, packing and getting ready to possibly leave with short notice. I am nervous about not being able to go home on the 29th of May. I pray that everything works out and I can go home to work for the summer. I am ready to see my family and friends. I can’t wait to be back home for the summer.


Dreams for the 2015-2016 School Year

My 1st year in Madrid is coming to an end and I will be returning to the US for the summer. I have some goals laid out for the coming school year. I want to improve my Spanish grammar and be able to roll my R’s. Also, I want to go to Paris, Italy, Germany, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna this coming year. I want to improve my health and be able to start running again. I am looking forward to this coming school year.