Leaving Spain Early for the Summer

I left Madrid, Spain, one month early. I didn’t experience any issues with renewing for the coming school year at the same school. My school gave me the green light to fly home early. I did run into issues with renewing my NIE (my Spanish green card) in Spain, so I went to home renew my visa. If I would have received my carta sooner, I could have renewed my NIE in Spain and saved money on a whole new visa.

I need to get new visa because the renewal process for NIE  did not work out. I might be spending more to get a new visa, but I don’t regret leaving early. Early June I received an email for a mandatory online evaluation. I had issues accessing the link because I was not longer in Spain. The link could only be accessed in Spain. I emailed the Ministry of Education and fixed my problem. I just want to say it is possible to leave Spain early to go home to work as long as your school is okay with you doing so. I am so grateful that my school was okay.  I have summer job and a place to live most of the summer. It’s nice to see that everything is coming together for me. In the fall, I will need to figure out how to renew an expired NIE. To be continued….


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