End of Summer Update

I spent two months at a Girl Scout camp for the summer. It was an amazing experience working with the campers and staff. One of my most favourite summers ever. I grew a lot and changed as an individual. Plus, met some amazing people at camp that I will never forget. Next, year I plan to return as a volunteer because 9 weeks of camp and working as an ESL Teacher in Spain is too much for me. I love my camp family and want to see them again.

Camp Fire at Camp Tex-Lake

Camp Fire at Camp Tex-Lake

I’ve spent most of August visiting family and friends and just playing tourist in Austin,Texas.  My birthday was last week. I spent my birthday with close friends and had dinner with my dad. By far one of my most cherished birthdays of my life.  The picture below is from my birthday dinner with my family.

Copy Right Wonderburger

Making a birthday wish

The summer is wrapping up and coming to an end. I am still waiting for my new visa to be sent to me. Other than waiting on my visa, I am going to stay in the States few more weeks. I will need to rebook my flight for mid September. I am going to focus on visiting friends and family as much as I can during this extra time. Also, I am  planning my trips to Poland, Paris, and Italy. I can’t wait to return to my life in Spain and get my new flat. I am ready for the coming school year! This coming year I am going to start reviewing for GRE and studying Spanish grammar. After I spend 3 years in Spain, I want to return to school to get a doctoral degree in International Education.  I need to start planning my post life after Spain.


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