Going for the Big Enchilada (Doctoral Degree)

After much debate, with myself, I am determined to get my doctoral degree in International Education. I have become very fond of NYU’s International Education programme. The programme is fully funded.  That means less student loan debt for me to pay off and at the same time I would be learning how to be a good researcher and educator in the field of international education. Also, there are other benefits to attending NYU for this programme:

  1. tuition remission
  2. conference travel support
  3. a $30,000 stipend during each academic year of the award
  4. Health Benefits

With these benefits, I could attend school without stressing over income to support myself, health insurance coverage, or paying the expensive tuition to attend school. This programme is what I have been looking for a long time. I believe NYU would be a great place for me to attend and get my doctoral degree. I would be living in NYC for few years and get to experience life there. I think NYC is closely related to some major European cities in the aspects of city life, metro system, and the size of the place. Plus, I would be close to major airports for travel, there would be diversity, different cultures, and fine arts.  All of which, I am very fond of at this time in my life.

I believe getting a doctoral degree would be ultimate goal to meet. I have been debating this for the last five years about getting this degree, but I constantly have been questioning my intelligences, if I was worthy of going to school for high degree, and money.  This school to me is a great fit. Over the next two years, I will need to start getting ready for this new chapter. I currently call Madrid, Spain, home and plan to spend two more years living there, teaching ESL, and traveling around Europe. During the coming school year, I need to start reviewing for the GRE.  Then, I can take the exam next summer back home in Texas. I will submit exam scores and other material  to NYU’s admissions for this programme by the of fall 2016. I hope that I can move from Spain to NYC in the late summer of 2017. I hope this comes true.


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