Big Bend National Park in West Texas

I spend two days in Big Bend National Park with my family. The trip was nice and relaxing. I see this park as an escape from the city life I live. I find the desert to be enchanting. I will never understand what draws me in to the beauty of the desert.  There are not a lot of people who inhabit West Texas and there’s not a lot to do as in entertainment. It’s the fact I can be in the middle of no where and enjoy the beauty of nature around me that attracts me to this park.  The rocks and cliffs in the park tell stores of what happened many years ago in the past. This park is not as popular as Yellowstone National Park, but I believe Big Bend should be visited at least once in someone’s life. I caught some amazing sunrises and sunsets in this park. Why? There were no buildings interfering with the view of the sunset. Here are some pictures from my trip.

11988445_10153284574514024_700671981260483083_n 11232362_10153284572114024_8066697789883316329_n 11923259_10153284571814024_4055438659536981936_n


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