Emparonaminto in Madrid

Getting an emparonaminto is very easy. Go to this website: emparonaminto!

  1.  Click “Pedir Cita Previa”
  2. Tipo de servicio: Scroll down to “Atención al ciudadano”
  3. Gestión: scroll down to “PADRON”

After you complete this section, you will pick your location for the appointment and you will pick the time and date. Just fill out the information in the blanks.

Nombre Name 
Primer apellido 1st last name 
Segundo apellido 2nd last name
Tipo de documento type of document 
Nº Id. Extranjero
Pasaporte Passport
Número de documento Document Number
Teléfono (9 dígitos sin espacios) Phone Number
Dirección de correo electrónico: Email 

Once you complete this task, you will need to print out a haja de empadronamento form and complete it. Then, make a copy of your passport cover page. When your appointment happens, you will need: haja de empadronamento form, contract from your landlord, copy of your passport cover page, and the original passport. Go to your appointment and walk out with your certificate of empadronamento.  Good luck!


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