Fall 2015 Update

I’ve been in Madrid, Spain, for a little under a month. This week I have my green card appointment. Once I finish the green card paperwork, I can relax and really start focusing on living and enjoying Europe. I will get my new green card in a month.  I can’t believe how fast the days are moving. It’s already fall here and now it’s time to start thinking about winter break travel plans. I am hoping to spend winter break in Germany and Italy. I think this would be a very nice trip.

Other than planning and dreaming of traveling, I am finally moved into my new flat. This past weekend I bought hangers and tape to make my room more of a home. I finally put up pictures and hung up clothing in my closet. I hope to get some new clothes for the fall. My goal is to buy a nice winter jacket. Coming from Texas, I’ve never needed a heavy coat. I want a nice winter jacket, so I will be warm in Madrid and traveling around Germany and Italy. I want to print out more pictures of family and friends to put up on my walls.

I spent this past weekend wondering around Madrid with a friend from camp. It was very enjoyable showing someone from Texas my home in Spain. The park was my favourite part of this weekend. The leaves are beginning to change. I love autumn very much. I love how the weather gets cooler, buying pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, wearing scarfs and cute fall clothing, celebrating Halloween, and changing colours of the leaves. I love being able to spend the autumn in Madrid. I am dreaming of a trip to Paris next month. I want to see the City of Lights during autumn.

Other than getting back into the routine of working, I am trying to focus on some other things in my life. I am trying to start reviewing for the GRE. I plan to join a gym in the coming. I am hopefully that I can start working out again. The doctor gave me the clearance to start using the bike at the gym. I miss working out a lot. I want to start focusing on getting myself back to a healthy state of being in life. I am looking forward to enjoying the next month.


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