Tentative Plan for the Next Year

I am planning to stay in Madrid, Spain, for one more year. During this last year in Spain, my focus will be on seeing the last places on my Europe travel list and applying to different doctoral programmes in the U.S.A. and the U.K. I would like to specialise in International Education.  There are three schools I am interested in applying to.

  1. New York University 
  2. University of Sussex 
  3. Boston College 

I hope to start the application process next fall for the 2017-2018 school year. I am still about a year away from applying. At the moment, I am reviewing for the GRE and plan to take the exam during summer holiday. After I get my GRE scores, I can start focusing on applying for the doctoral programmes.

During my last year in Madrid, I hope to get accepted into a master’s programme through the Universidad de Alcalá. I want to apply to the International Education Programme. I believe this programme would look great on my CV and give me more experience teaching and living overseas.  I would still have health insurance and a monthly pay check. The programme is only a year long. Plus, I would have to work on a thesis to graduate. I believe I could use the thesis as foundation work for my dissertation in my doctoral programme. I think this is a great plan. I want to start working on applying to the Universidad de Alcalá this coming week. Wish me luck!


Visiting Paris During the Terrorist Act


On Friday the 13th of November, Paris was attacked by a group of terrorists in the 10th and 11th districts. Before the attacks happened, I was finishing dinner with my tour group. I was 10 minutes walking distance from the restaurants, cafes, and bars where the shootings and bombings took place. I am still in shock about how close I was to the events. This event was a wake up call for me about life and death. This was the first time in my life that I had experienced a close call with death. I could have been caught on the street walking back to my accommodations and shot dead. Thankfully, I took the underground back to my hotel. At the moment, I am still coming to terms with the possible fact that I could have been killed in Paris. This fact still sends chills down my spine. I am thankful I wasn’t killed, but it is still tragic that there were victims from this awful crime against humanity.

I pray ISIS is destroyed, but I do realize another group will come into power. I wish bombings and shooting were not in this world. It’s awful to do such acts against your fellow man. Even though there’s negativity in the world like ISIS, there is still beauty and good in this world. It was amazing to hear and see how citizens of Paris were allowing strangers into their houses and cab drivers were offering free rides home to people. It’s amazing to see the world support France during her time of need. I am sad how this event was highlighted and how other events like this have not been brought to the attention of the world. Events like this are happening in many places around the world that the media chooses not to cover. The world needs to join forces to wipe out this evil and make the world a better place for all of mankind.

I know this event has made some Americans nervous about traveling to France, Europe, and anywhere else. This kind of event could take place in my hometown of Austin, Texas, or anywhere else in the world. This event has not changed my views on traveling and living overseas. Life and bad things happen, but we have to keep on living. I am not trying to sound cold when I say this, but I am trying to make the statement that life moves on and we mustn’t be stuck in the past. Life is meant for living in the present and not in the past. I will continue to work and live in Madrid, Spain, and travel throughout Europe because this is my dream. Nobody is going to keep me from achieving my dreams.

I pray for a better tomorrow where there are no acts of terrorism.

November Update

The month of November is going to filled with adventure and fun. This weekend has been lovely. The weather has been spring like and just amazing. I walked a major strip of Paseo de Prado on Saturday and really enjoyed the walk to the museum. The leaves are changing colours and the sun is out. So nice! I went to the Kandinsky Exhibit at the Palacio de Cibeles. The artwork was very fascinating. I am not normally a big fan of Modern Art, but I did find some pieces that I was rather fond of and enjoyed viewing.  The piece below is on my favourite pieces in the exhibit. I love the circles and the colours used.


This month I am going to Paris for a four day weekend. I am looking forward to visiting the City of Lights. I am so excited to visit Notre Dame and see the Mona Lisa. This trip will be amazing. I hope I am not disappointed in Paris. I am ready to get out of Madrid for a weekend get away.  Paris is the perfect solution to my travel fever.


I am hoping to attend the Madrid Jazz Fest and listen to some live music.  I miss the live music found in Austin, Texas. Other than traveling and regular life in Madrid, I am starting to review for the GRE and studying some German. I hope to take the GRE in the summer back in Austin.  I am studying German, so when I visit Germany in December I can say a couple of things in German.  At the moment I am spending time studying Spanish, Basic Maths, and German. I am enjoying studying these subjects because I am keeping my brain from turning to mush. I can’t believe how much Maths I have forgotten. It’s been a battle to relearn my lost Maths skills, but I will regain my lost skills. Practice makes perfect. Plus, I have a study buddy that’s made it easier to review for the exam.

I am planning to book everything for my winter travels. I am planning to visit Munich, Vienna, and Rome. It will be a great winter break. Plus, I will get to experience my first white Christmas!  Other than planning trips for winter break, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving later on this month. I don’t have plans yet, but I will find something to do. I hope to have some pecan pie. I miss pecan pie. It’s been too long since I last had pecan pie. I love November and this time of the years. The weather is so nice right and I am trying to enjoy every moment of the nice weather before it gets too cold. I can’t wait to experience everything that this month has in store for me.