November Update

The month of November is going to filled with adventure and fun. This weekend has been lovely. The weather has been spring like and just amazing. I walked a major strip of Paseo de Prado on Saturday and really enjoyed the walk to the museum. The leaves are changing colours and the sun is out. So nice! I went to the Kandinsky Exhibit at the Palacio de Cibeles. The artwork was very fascinating. I am not normally a big fan of Modern Art, but I did find some pieces that I was rather fond of and enjoyed viewing.  The piece below is on my favourite pieces in the exhibit. I love the circles and the colours used.


This month I am going to Paris for a four day weekend. I am looking forward to visiting the City of Lights. I am so excited to visit Notre Dame and see the Mona Lisa. This trip will be amazing. I hope I am not disappointed in Paris. I am ready to get out of Madrid for a weekend get away.  Paris is the perfect solution to my travel fever.


I am hoping to attend the Madrid Jazz Fest and listen to some live music.  I miss the live music found in Austin, Texas. Other than traveling and regular life in Madrid, I am starting to review for the GRE and studying some German. I hope to take the GRE in the summer back in Austin.  I am studying German, so when I visit Germany in December I can say a couple of things in German.  At the moment I am spending time studying Spanish, Basic Maths, and German. I am enjoying studying these subjects because I am keeping my brain from turning to mush. I can’t believe how much Maths I have forgotten. It’s been a battle to relearn my lost Maths skills, but I will regain my lost skills. Practice makes perfect. Plus, I have a study buddy that’s made it easier to review for the exam.

I am planning to book everything for my winter travels. I am planning to visit Munich, Vienna, and Rome. It will be a great winter break. Plus, I will get to experience my first white Christmas!  Other than planning trips for winter break, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving later on this month. I don’t have plans yet, but I will find something to do. I hope to have some pecan pie. I miss pecan pie. It’s been too long since I last had pecan pie. I love November and this time of the years. The weather is so nice right and I am trying to enjoy every moment of the nice weather before it gets too cold. I can’t wait to experience everything that this month has in store for me.


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