Tentative Plan for the Next Year

I am planning to stay in Madrid, Spain, for one more year. During this last year in Spain, my focus will be on seeing the last places on my Europe travel list and applying to different doctoral programmes in the U.S.A. and the U.K. I would like to specialise in International Education.  There are three schools I am interested in applying to.

  1. New York University 
  2. University of Sussex 
  3. Boston College 

I hope to start the application process next fall for the 2017-2018 school year. I am still about a year away from applying. At the moment, I am reviewing for the GRE and plan to take the exam during summer holiday. After I get my GRE scores, I can start focusing on applying for the doctoral programmes.

During my last year in Madrid, I hope to get accepted into a master’s programme through the Universidad de Alcalá. I want to apply to the International Education Programme. I believe this programme would look great on my CV and give me more experience teaching and living overseas.  I would still have health insurance and a monthly pay check. The programme is only a year long. Plus, I would have to work on a thesis to graduate. I believe I could use the thesis as foundation work for my dissertation in my doctoral programme. I think this is a great plan. I want to start working on applying to the Universidad de Alcalá this coming week. Wish me luck!


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