Rant: The Main Reason Why Ministry Program Sucks

This blog post will not focus on me bashing the school where I work. Instead, this post will focus on how the Spanish Ministry of Education is one of the worst employers when it comes to paying near 5,000 teachers throughout Spain.  I have been working in Madrid, Spain, for over a year now and I am very pleased with the school I work at and the teachers I co-teach with; however, there is a dark side to this program. The biggest problem is that the Ministry of Education cannot seem to figure out how to pay 5,000 plus auxiliaries on time each month. There are some regions where auxiliaries have to wait three months to see their 1st pay check or wait monthly for 2-3 weeks into a new month to receive that month’s check. This is very unacceptable.

Over the last year, my school paid me 5 times on time, but didn’t pay me on time 2 times during the school year of 2014-2015. This is a problem because at the first of the month rent is due, bills, and other things need to be paid. The ministry needs to hire people who know what they are doing running a program with auxiliaries from different countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Many people come from these countries with nearly $3,000- $5,00o USD (US Dollars) to help them adjust to their new life in Spain sometimes this is not enough because some auxiliaries work at schools that can’t afford to dip into their bank account to pay them at the start of each month. In the end, auxiliaries are being screwed without lube and it can really hurt the pocket when you are depending on money to pay bills and rent. As an auxiliary, I go to work to do my job and I am dependable on being in the classroom. It is sad to see that my employer can’t be the same too.

This year my school has been late paying me the last 2  months already. I am so worried about getting paid in time for the holidays and getting both November’s and December’s checks before we go on break. I am beginning to think that I will have to cancel my holiday plans because the Ministry of Education can’t pay me. I am worried about paying rent next month. I am trying my hardest to save save save and budget. It never seems to be enough. I feel that my school doesn’t care about the auxiliaries being paid, so I have to contact my father for aid to hold me over until the Ministry pays the schools. This is my soul reason why I wouldn’t suggest this program to anyone. It is important for an employer to pay employees on time, so employees can have money to pay rent, bills, medicine, and food. Next year, I plan to stay in Spain for one more year, but plan to change to a different program where I know I will be paid on time each month and not deal with craziness of the Spanish  Ministry of Education.


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