What I’ve Been Doing Lately

I’ve been off the last 5 days from work. It’s been a long holiday weekend and I am ready to return to work. Over started to try  to get into the Christmas mood. I went walking this past weekend around Madrid checking out the Christmas lights. I have about two weeks of work left and then it’s time for winter break.


I am hoping to go to Munich and Vienna for Christmas for a week. Plus, a possible trip to Rome for a week after New Year’s. At the moment, I’ve been come very worried that my school is not going to pay me in advance for the month of January. This will put me in pickle. Other than worrying about getting money, I am trying to start applying to different teaching programs in Madrid and getting my stuff together of the GRE.


My time in the Ministry of Education’s Programme is coming to an end. After  January ends, I only have five more months left in my contract. The last few months will fly by too fast. It’s time to figure out my next move in life. I am looking at 3 possible teaching programmes: BEDA, UCETAM, and Teach and Learn. I am getting stuff together for submitting applications in January. All three programmes last a school year (September-June). BEDA is a privately funded programme by the Catholic schools in Madrid. UCETAM is a very competitive programme that pays the most out of these three programs, but I would have to work more hours than the other programmes. Last, there’s Teach and Learn. In this programme, I would be in a master’s programme and teaching at the same time. This programme pays less then the two other programmes. I don’t want to leave Madrid, so I am trying to figure out my next game plan.


On top of trying to figuring out my plans for keeping me in Madrid, I am trying to get ready to take the GRE back home during the summer. There’s a lot of work going into getting ready for this exam. I have to review for the exam. I am finding the maths sections to be the most difficult for me. Plus, I need to submit paperwork, so I can have time and a half on my exam. That’s proving to be a lot of fun. I am so grateful for my dad. He’s been helping me a lot. I know I will run into a lot of issues with the math section. I have a lot going on.


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