Bucharest Romania’s Capital and Transylvania

When people say they are going on holiday to Europe, most people think of going to popular places such as London, Paris, or Barcelona. Most American tourist don’t usually think of Romania as a place to spend their holiday. I got to spend a weekend in Bucharest and a day in Transylvania. I enjoyed how cheap this holiday was for me compared to my to visits to cities like  Munich, London, Paris, or Barcelona.

I still can’t believe how cheap this trip was compared to my other holidays in Europe. My accommodations only cost me 27 Euros for three nights. Food was so cheap too! At the time of my holiday, the 1 Euro got me 4.65 Romanian Leu. I had 50 Romanian Leu left over from my trip that I kept as a little souvenir. In a couple of years, the Romanian Leu will no longer exist because Romania is in the process of going to the Euro. Another reason to go now is because of how cheap it is to visit on the USD or the Euro. 12705433_10153589724814024_5652674921384820730_n.jpg

When Comparing my other holidays in Europe, I didn’t see as many tourist in Bucharest as I did in other major European cities. This was a treat for me because sometimes I become overwhelmed with too many people around me. It was very nice to have a change. This is another good reason to go to Romania. I believe Romania is often over looked as a place to visit because it is in Eastern Europe and not as popular as other destinations in Western Europe.

What to do in Bucharest? I kept myself very busy.  I spent my weekend exploring beautiful old orthodox churches, seeing the Palace of Parliament, enjoying the Old Town in the city centre, and just getting lost in Bucharest. I think Bucharest is cleaner than Madrid, Spain, where I have been living for close to two years now. I became a big fan of Victorian architecture, the mark the Communist era left, and the grunge vibe.  I like how all these themes can be found in Bucharest. This makes the city unique to over cities in Europe.


I got to get out of Bucharest for a day to go visit a Romanian palace and the famous fortress where Dracula lived in the world renown region called Transylvania. I like this region of Romania because the people in this area still believe in witchcraft and old folklore. Plus, the area is covered with forest and mountains.The little villages that are found in this area still look like little medieval villages. In a way, I felt as if I went back in time to the Medieval Ages. I went on a day tour from the capital and went to three major points of interest: Dracula’s Castle, the city of Brașov, and my favourite the Peles Palace12688052_10153585814219024_5128288122318918900_n.jpg

Peles Palace is amazing because of the German influence the royal family incorporated into the building. The architecture is amazing. There’s a lot of wood used on this building that adds to the beauty of the building. I haven’t seen a palace like this one in any other part of Europe.  The inside was beautiful, but you had to pay a silly tax to take pictures and wear blue plastic shoe covers inside. I think the outside is best part of this building. It was built in the 1870s by King Carol I as a summer palace for the royal family. Today nobody lives there. If you come to Romania, book a day trip to Transylvania and you won’t regret your choice to visit this beautiful region.  If you have the time, you should go to Romania for a quick visit. 12670229_10153586639164024_7772893915103208041_n.jpg


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