I am Disappointed in America’s Future 

There is darkness that America is now dealing with Turmp in office . It makes me super nervous and sad about the future of my homeland. I see so much turmoil about to to be released on America. I sit in Spain wondering what will become of America with the new president in the White House. America is going backwards instead of forwards . I am not happy with this fact. I want to fight for a better tomorrow for future generations.

I want to stay overseas and make a life for me somewhere else. In my opinion, America is in deep deep water with a lunatic at the helm of the ship. I can’t believe I am living in a time where a crazy man is in control of America.
I mourn the lost of what America use to be. The American Dream died the day the lunatic took his oath. Americans must resist the crazy man and stand strong. I am going to find away to support my beliefs back in America.


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