My Adventures of Training in a 27 sqm. (300 sqft.) Korean Studio

In early December, the Korean Government mandated many businesses close to stop the spread of COVID-19. My gym closed, and it deprived me of therapy sessions to pump iron. It left me with two options: stop working out or try to do my workouts at home. I live in a tiny shoebox studio with a kitchen, bathroom and living area. The studio is a little bigger than my childhood bedroom. My studio is not a space for attempting five sets of walking lunges, but I could try some pulsing or goblet forward lunges.

I am limited with spacing and having a lot of training equipment. I bought a few items to make working out possible. First, I bought a set of five tube resistance bands with a door anchor, two handles and two ankle straps. Next, I got a mini stepper and a set of five rubber mini-bands. I have a yoga mat, YouTube videos and a couple exercise applications. With all these tools, I have been able to make my small shoebox studio into a personal gym.

I use my bathroom door to anchor my tube resistance bands for back, arm, shoulder training. When I want to do mat work, I can fold up my little table and bring out my training equipment. I bought two small carpet squares to give me more padding and keep me off the floor. My yoga mat is thin and sometimes it’s not comfortable for my knees. I do a lot of training on my yoga mat such as strength training, yoga, abdominal exercises, Zumba, cardio videos and more. I use the middle part of my studio to do mat work and cardio.

I am glad to train at home because training is a part of my daily life. Exercise gives me an outlet, keeps me healthy and makes me happy. In this world with COVID-19, exercise has kept me from going insane. I want to keep my daily ritual alive and going. My fitness is one of the few things I have control over.

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