Catching Up on My Life

It’s been a while; since, I wrote a post. I will start back in June and work my way to October. Back in June, I went to the U.S. to get a new visa. I switched programmes, so I could stay in Madrid. I spent the summer seeing friends and travelling to different parts of the U.S. I went to places like Las Angeles, Seattle, Angel Fire, Yellowstone National Park, parts of the north on a family holiday, and many other places. I was back in the States for a total of 9 weeks, but I spent 5 of the 9 weeks on the road and travelling. It was nice to see family and friends, but when it was time to go, I knew, I was ready to get back to Spain.

When I got back to Madrid, I started looking for a place to call home. This year was worse than the last two years. I took me nearly a month to find a place that I loved and wanted. I live in the centre in a very nice and clean flat with one other person. I am happy.

I like my new school a lot. I am working with students as young as one years old and students as old as sixteen years old. I will say that I am becoming more of a fan for students between the ages of five years and ten years. Why they are so sweet and cute. Plus, the lesson plans are much more simple.

I have managed to meet some very nice girls in my new teaching programme. We get together and have brunch, traveling, shopping, visiting museums, and many other fun activities. I think this year will be great with the new people I have met. I am going on a trip soon with some of the girls from my new group of friends.

In December, I will be going to Munich and London. Then in January, I will be going to Budapest. I am looking forward to revisiting two of my favourite cities and getting the change to Explore Budapest for the first time. I think my life has been great, but I need to do a better job of keeping up with my life on this blog. I will post again soon.


Summer Update Mid Point of Stay

Everything is looking good. I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with paperwork for going back to Spain. I’ve successfully got a new visa for the coming school year. I should be getting my passport back very soon.  I am still working on getting my FBI background check notarized and translated. At the moment, my FBI background check is in D.C. being notarized by the Department of State. I need to finish working on some last minute lose ties in the States.

I’ve spent time catching up with friends and families. It’s been nice enjoying Tex-Mex and margaritas. I saw my little half-sister for the first time in years. It was wonderful seeing her. I hope to continue to develop a relationship and maintain contact with her. I am looking forward to seeing more of family and friends in the coming weeks. I got a few trips planned.

I am looking forward to the coming week. I will be in Las Angeles for a week. I am looking forward to seeing some beaches and enjoying some cooler weather. I am a little tired of Austin and the heat. It will be nice to escape from Texas.  I got about 4 and half weeks left in the States. I am looking forward to spending time with my father and close friends.

Update 19/2/16

At the start of February, I went on a weekend trip to Romania and Transylvanian. Other than traveling, I have started walking 3-4 times a week with a friend. My back is doing a lot better compared to a year ago, but three weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back and was home for over a week. I was nervous about my back causing me to go back to my back doctor. All that matters is that I can go to work, walk, and live a normal life.

On the 15th, I got news that I had been waitlisted for a master’s programme in Madrid. I am hoping to be back in Madrid next school year. I am having to wait till May to find out if I will be in Galicia or Madrid. So nerve wrecking at times because I want to know where I will call home next school year. I want to stay in Madrid. I recently booked everything for Semana Santa. I plan to visit Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, and Poland during the break. I still need to plan a trip for the long weekend at the end of April. Also, I planned a weekend trip to Barcelona. I am looking forward to experiencing Barcelona in the late spring. This is everything going on in my world. I can’t believe March will be here soon. I only have 4 months left till I fly home for the summer. Time is flying by too fast here.

Leaving Early from Spain Through the North American and Language and Cultural Programme

I’ve been wanting to write a post about my experience leaving Ministry of Education Programme early. During March, I made the choice to go home early. For most of the summer, I was worried about jeopardising my chances of being able to participate in the Ministry of Education Programme for the 20115-2016 school year. Why was I worried? I didn’t find enough information about leaving early and how it would effect me in the Ministry of Education Programme.  I think anyone would be nervous about making a choice like this and not fully knowing what the end results would be. Especially, if you are living and working overseas.

I have been very lucky with the school I was assigned to work as an auxiliary. My school was fine with me leaving. This may not be fine in other communities in Spain. I have been in Community of Madrid for nearly two school years now, so double check with the community you work in. It depends on the school  and community you work for and if they are willing to let you leave early. As long as you follow the exiting process with the Ministry of Education, you are fine to come back for another school year. Before I left Spain for the summer, I had to write a letter stating that I was leaving early for a summer job and that I didn’t expect pay for the month of June. After the letter was submitted to my boss, I was free to go and it didn’t jeopardise me coming back. I still had some doubt in the back of my mind that I was going to have trouble.

When I got back to United States, I had to apply for a new visa to come back to Spain. It was a pain, but worth going through all the pain to come home early. Plus, I had to request a Spanish background check from the U.S. I got my background check without any issue. It took two weeks to get the background check. I was surprised about that because Spain is notorious for taking forever to accomplish anything.

When I returned to Spain, I made an appointment to get a new NIE card. I got back to Spain and had no issues with getting a new NIE card or going back to school. Also, when applying for new NIE card you act as if you are getting a NIE card for the first time. My visa is about to expire at the end of December, but I can now come and go as I want without any problems.  Again this is a reminder that everything works out in the end.

2016: Making the Impossible Happen

There are about 18 days left of 2015 and it’s time for me to start thinking about what I want accomplish and do in the coming new year. In the new year, I want to apply to some doctoral programmes back in the U.S. I want to specialise in international education. Also,  I need to take the GRE this coming year. Most applications are due in early December of 2016.  Applying to doctoral programmes is the biggest item on the docket for 2016. As long as I apply myself, I can accomplish this goal without any issue.

In 2016, I want finish my travel list for Europe. I am applying to some different auxiliary programmes, so I can continue to stay in Madrid for another year or two.  This year I will be turning 30rd years old and I really don’t have anything special planned for this milestone birthday. I believe if I get into a doctoral programme, travel and live in Europe, and just live a happy life. I think I am doing well for someone being 30rd years old.

My travel list for 2016:

  • Scandinavia: Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm Sweden, and Oslo Norway,
  • Morocco
  • Italy: Milan and Venice
  • Spain: Canary Islands
  • Multi Country: Istanbul Turkey and Athens Greece
  • Multi Country: Amsterdam Netherlands  and Brussels Belgium


November Update

The month of November is going to filled with adventure and fun. This weekend has been lovely. The weather has been spring like and just amazing. I walked a major strip of Paseo de Prado on Saturday and really enjoyed the walk to the museum. The leaves are changing colours and the sun is out. So nice! I went to the Kandinsky Exhibit at the Palacio de Cibeles. The artwork was very fascinating. I am not normally a big fan of Modern Art, but I did find some pieces that I was rather fond of and enjoyed viewing.  The piece below is on my favourite pieces in the exhibit. I love the circles and the colours used.


This month I am going to Paris for a four day weekend. I am looking forward to visiting the City of Lights. I am so excited to visit Notre Dame and see the Mona Lisa. This trip will be amazing. I hope I am not disappointed in Paris. I am ready to get out of Madrid for a weekend get away.  Paris is the perfect solution to my travel fever.


I am hoping to attend the Madrid Jazz Fest and listen to some live music.  I miss the live music found in Austin, Texas. Other than traveling and regular life in Madrid, I am starting to review for the GRE and studying some German. I hope to take the GRE in the summer back in Austin.  I am studying German, so when I visit Germany in December I can say a couple of things in German.  At the moment I am spending time studying Spanish, Basic Maths, and German. I am enjoying studying these subjects because I am keeping my brain from turning to mush. I can’t believe how much Maths I have forgotten. It’s been a battle to relearn my lost Maths skills, but I will regain my lost skills. Practice makes perfect. Plus, I have a study buddy that’s made it easier to review for the exam.

I am planning to book everything for my winter travels. I am planning to visit Munich, Vienna, and Rome. It will be a great winter break. Plus, I will get to experience my first white Christmas!  Other than planning trips for winter break, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving later on this month. I don’t have plans yet, but I will find something to do. I hope to have some pecan pie. I miss pecan pie. It’s been too long since I last had pecan pie. I love November and this time of the years. The weather is so nice right and I am trying to enjoy every moment of the nice weather before it gets too cold. I can’t wait to experience everything that this month has in store for me.

Fall 2015 Update

I’ve been in Madrid, Spain, for a little under a month. This week I have my green card appointment. Once I finish the green card paperwork, I can relax and really start focusing on living and enjoying Europe. I will get my new green card in a month.  I can’t believe how fast the days are moving. It’s already fall here and now it’s time to start thinking about winter break travel plans. I am hoping to spend winter break in Germany and Italy. I think this would be a very nice trip.

Other than planning and dreaming of traveling, I am finally moved into my new flat. This past weekend I bought hangers and tape to make my room more of a home. I finally put up pictures and hung up clothing in my closet. I hope to get some new clothes for the fall. My goal is to buy a nice winter jacket. Coming from Texas, I’ve never needed a heavy coat. I want a nice winter jacket, so I will be warm in Madrid and traveling around Germany and Italy. I want to print out more pictures of family and friends to put up on my walls.

I spent this past weekend wondering around Madrid with a friend from camp. It was very enjoyable showing someone from Texas my home in Spain. The park was my favourite part of this weekend. The leaves are beginning to change. I love autumn very much. I love how the weather gets cooler, buying pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, wearing scarfs and cute fall clothing, celebrating Halloween, and changing colours of the leaves. I love being able to spend the autumn in Madrid. I am dreaming of a trip to Paris next month. I want to see the City of Lights during autumn.

Other than getting back into the routine of working, I am trying to focus on some other things in my life. I am trying to start reviewing for the GRE. I plan to join a gym in the coming. I am hopefully that I can start working out again. The doctor gave me the clearance to start using the bike at the gym. I miss working out a lot. I want to start focusing on getting myself back to a healthy state of being in life. I am looking forward to enjoying the next month.