Catching Up on My Life

It’s been a while; since, I wrote a post. I will start back in June and work my way to October. Back in June, I went to the U.S. to get a new visa. I switched programmes, so I could stay in Madrid. I spent the summer seeing friends and travelling to different parts of the U.S. I went to places like Las Angeles, Seattle, Angel Fire, Yellowstone National Park, parts of the north on a family holiday, and many other places. I was back in the States for a total of 9 weeks, but I spent 5 of the 9 weeks on the road and travelling. It was nice to see family and friends, but when it was time to go, I knew, I was ready to get back to Spain.

When I got back to Madrid, I started looking for a place to call home. This year was worse than the last two years. I took me nearly a month to find a place that I loved and wanted. I live in the centre in a very nice and clean flat with one other person. I am happy.

I like my new school a lot. I am working with students as young as one years old and students as old as sixteen years old. I will say that I am becoming more of a fan for students between the ages of five years and ten years. Why they are so sweet and cute. Plus, the lesson plans are much more simple.

I have managed to meet some very nice girls in my new teaching programme. We get together and have brunch, traveling, shopping, visiting museums, and many other fun activities. I think this year will be great with the new people I have met. I am going on a trip soon with some of the girls from my new group of friends.

In December, I will be going to Munich and London. Then in January, I will be going to Budapest. I am looking forward to revisiting two of my favourite cities and getting the change to Explore Budapest for the first time. I think my life has been great, but I need to do a better job of keeping up with my life on this blog. I will post again soon.


Summer 2016: July Update 1

I just returned from Spain. I will be back in the States for a total of 9 weeks. At the moment, I am focusing on getting my paperwork for my new visa done and other things taken care of while in the States. I recently applied for a tutoring job. I hope to tutor a few hours out the week, so I can have some pocket money. Also, I am trying to practice Spanish, review so German, and perp for the GRE. I am busy this summer. In a couple of weeks, I am going to Las Angeles for a week to visit a friend. 

Spring Update


Everything is looking great at this moment in life. I can’t complain. I will be back in Madrid for another school year teaching English. I got accepted into the BEDA Programme and that means I can stay in Spain on a new visa up to four years. I don’t know if I will stay in Madrid that long, but the idea is entertaining to me. I need to start getting ready to go home for the summer. I need to get a ticket, start packing, working on getting a new visa, and many other things. I am going to sign up for a GRE course back in the States and plan to be a student mostly this summer. I can’t wait to have the GRE under my belt. My next goals in life will be NYC and NYU. I still want to travel and teach overseas for a little bit; before, I return to the States and possibly start a doctoral programme in International Education or International Communication.

Tulips in the Netherlands:

I went on a quick weekend trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I got to see the tulips in bloom. The fields of tulips were colurful and just beautiful. I’ve never seen so much colur in one space. I spent about 4 hours in the Keukenhof Gardens and really enjoyed the beauty the flowers. It was so lovely. I went a little crazy taking pictures of the flowers. Overall, it was a great experience to visit the Keukenhof Gardens. I knocked something off my bucket list. I feel accomplished.


Amsterdam is a unique city built with canals and waterways. Plus, some people live in boat houses. This city is very different compared to other cities I have visited. The city is a very open minded and I find comfort in this fact. I am a little odd and sometimes don’t fit the mold of what society expects.  There are BDSM bars, coffee shops, and many other unique things only found in Amsterdam. One of the many reasons why so many people flock to this city is because of the legalisation of weed and prostitution.

Some people come from the U.K. to party on the weekend and have a grand time. Then, head back to the U.K. During a walking tour, I discovered that locals in Amsterdam are tired of all the tourist coming to their city to trash Amsterdam and party. The city is working on finding a solution to solve the problem. I wasn’t aware of this problem until my visit. Amsterdam is a party centre for some. Not for me though.

I was impressed with the city’s museums. I went to two museums: the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. Lots of Dutch artists found in this museum. The Van Gogh Museum houses a lot of works by Van Gogh. Also, holds the record for having the most works of Van Gogh in on place. If you like Dutch artists or Van Gogh, you will be pleased with your visit to these museums.

If you move fast, Amsterdam can be seen in two days. I don’t think I care to go back anytime soon, but when I am older I will possibly return to Amsterdam. I have too many places on my travel list to visit, so I want to focus on seeing new places.

Future Trips:

I have 2 more trips planned;before, I return to the States for the summer. I am going back to Barcelona in a couple of weeks and will be heading to Marseille in France in late June. I will spend this summer planning some trips for the coming school year. This year I plan to start saving more of money for my future. I need to start getting more serious about my future.

End of Summer Update

I spent two months at a Girl Scout camp for the summer. It was an amazing experience working with the campers and staff. One of my most favourite summers ever. I grew a lot and changed as an individual. Plus, met some amazing people at camp that I will never forget. Next, year I plan to return as a volunteer because 9 weeks of camp and working as an ESL Teacher in Spain is too much for me. I love my camp family and want to see them again.

Camp Fire at Camp Tex-Lake

Camp Fire at Camp Tex-Lake

I’ve spent most of August visiting family and friends and just playing tourist in Austin,Texas.  My birthday was last week. I spent my birthday with close friends and had dinner with my dad. By far one of my most cherished birthdays of my life.  The picture below is from my birthday dinner with my family.

Copy Right Wonderburger

Making a birthday wish

The summer is wrapping up and coming to an end. I am still waiting for my new visa to be sent to me. Other than waiting on my visa, I am going to stay in the States few more weeks. I will need to rebook my flight for mid September. I am going to focus on visiting friends and family as much as I can during this extra time. Also, I am  planning my trips to Poland, Paris, and Italy. I can’t wait to return to my life in Spain and get my new flat. I am ready for the coming school year! This coming year I am going to start reviewing for GRE and studying Spanish grammar. After I spend 3 years in Spain, I want to return to school to get a doctoral degree in International Education.  I need to start planning my post life after Spain.

Summer 2015 Update

Copyright Wonderburger

Copyright Wonderburger

I’ve been working at a summer camp back in Texas. I’ve been working with horses and children. It’s been a very enjoyable summer. Plus, I am outside, close to the lake, and out in the country. It’s nice to have fresh air and the ability to see the stars at night. I do miss Madrid a lot. I can’t wait to return to Spain in the fall. I starting to brainstorm a possible trip in September. I can’t believe how fast the summer is moving. Next Saturday will be the 4th of July. I still need to renew my visa for the coming school year and get somethings together for August. I got a couple trips planned out for August. I can’t wait! =)


I won’t lie. I’ve been searching Skyscanner for the perfect ticket to return home for the summer. I can’t buy my ticket yet. Why? I am unsure of when I will be returning home. I want to have a clearer idea of when I will be returning home for the summer. I am getting annoyed waiting to find out what the next few months will bring. I am finished with my contract for this school year at the end of June. Then what?

  1. I could stay in Spain for another month working at a summer camp and make some money
  2. I could return to the US in early July or travel 
  3. I could stay in Spain all summer as a beach bum

Out of these 3 options I really want to work all of July at an ESL camp and return home for 6-7 weeks. Then return to Madrid for round two. Right now I am waiting to receive news that I’ve been offered some kind of summer job. I am nervous. I want a summer job.  I want to know what’s going to happen after I finish my school year contract.  Staying in Spain all summer would be too much for me and I would be forced to become a beach bum. I miss my family and friends and would like to see everyone back home. I don’t want to return to the US at the start of July. Traveling in July would deplete my funds for year two, so that plan is out!  I want to save up some more money for when I return to Spain to start year 2 and I would like to go one more trip. Early August is when I want to return home. I hope this is what is in the cards for me.

End of Rant!!!!