Catching Up on My Life

It’s been a while; since, I wrote a post. I will start back in June and work my way to October. Back in June, I went to the U.S. to get a new visa. I switched programmes, so I could stay in Madrid. I spent the summer seeing friends and travelling to different parts of the U.S. I went to places like Las Angeles, Seattle, Angel Fire, Yellowstone National Park, parts of the north on a family holiday, and many other places. I was back in the States for a total of 9 weeks, but I spent 5 of the 9 weeks on the road and travelling. It was nice to see family and friends, but when it was time to go, I knew, I was ready to get back to Spain.

When I got back to Madrid, I started looking for a place to call home. This year was worse than the last two years. I took me nearly a month to find a place that I loved and wanted. I live in the centre in a very nice and clean flat with one other person. I am happy.

I like my new school a lot. I am working with students as young as one years old and students as old as sixteen years old. I will say that I am becoming more of a fan for students between the ages of five years and ten years. Why they are so sweet and cute. Plus, the lesson plans are much more simple.

I have managed to meet some very nice girls in my new teaching programme. We get together and have brunch, traveling, shopping, visiting museums, and many other fun activities. I think this year will be great with the new people I have met. I am going on a trip soon with some of the girls from my new group of friends.

In December, I will be going to Munich and London. Then in January, I will be going to Budapest. I am looking forward to revisiting two of my favourite cities and getting the change to Explore Budapest for the first time. I think my life has been great, but I need to do a better job of keeping up with my life on this blog. I will post again soon.


Summer Update Mid Point of Stay

Everything is looking good. I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with paperwork for going back to Spain. I’ve successfully got a new visa for the coming school year. I should be getting my passport back very soon.  I am still working on getting my FBI background check notarized and translated. At the moment, my FBI background check is in D.C. being notarized by the Department of State. I need to finish working on some last minute lose ties in the States.

I’ve spent time catching up with friends and families. It’s been nice enjoying Tex-Mex and margaritas. I saw my little half-sister for the first time in years. It was wonderful seeing her. I hope to continue to develop a relationship and maintain contact with her. I am looking forward to seeing more of family and friends in the coming weeks. I got a few trips planned.

I am looking forward to the coming week. I will be in Las Angeles for a week. I am looking forward to seeing some beaches and enjoying some cooler weather. I am a little tired of Austin and the heat. It will be nice to escape from Texas.  I got about 4 and half weeks left in the States. I am looking forward to spending time with my father and close friends.

Update: Start of 2016

I had an amazing holiday during my two and half week winter break. I went to Munich, Vienna, Naples, Florence, Rome, and Vatican. The beer and classical music was enjoyable in Germany and Austria. In Italy, I enjoyed fine art, history, and Italian food. After my holiday ended, I had to return Madrid and work. The first week back from holiday I had to start applying to teaching programmes for next school year. I will hopeful be back in Madrid for another school year. I will have a better idea of where I will be in April/May. At the start of February, I will be going to Romania and spending time in Bucharest and Transylvania. Other than trying to figure out next year’s plans and traveling, I am trying to come up with my travel plans for the rest of the school year, planning my summer, and studying for the GRE. 10374943_10153530299689024_6683189955234436784_n

Travels for the Spring: I am thinking about going to Berlin, Budapest, Poland, and Prague for my long spring holiday. Then, one more major trip out of Spain to possibly Amsterdam or Oporto. In May, I will have friends visiting Spain and will more than likely go back up to Barcelona for a 3 day weekend. =)


Summer Plans: This year I will be staying in Madrid till the end of June. Then, I plan to return home to Texas for a couple of months. I hope to go out to California and Washington State during July. Go visit family all over the place and just enjoy being home. I am looking forward to getting my favourite coffee, Tex-Mex, and other amazing things I can only find in Texas. Then, return to Spain in September for another school year.

Big Bend National Park in West Texas

I spend two days in Big Bend National Park with my family. The trip was nice and relaxing. I see this park as an escape from the city life I live. I find the desert to be enchanting. I will never understand what draws me in to the beauty of the desert.  There are not a lot of people who inhabit West Texas and there’s not a lot to do as in entertainment. It’s the fact I can be in the middle of no where and enjoy the beauty of nature around me that attracts me to this park.  The rocks and cliffs in the park tell stores of what happened many years ago in the past. This park is not as popular as Yellowstone National Park, but I believe Big Bend should be visited at least once in someone’s life. I caught some amazing sunrises and sunsets in this park. Why? There were no buildings interfering with the view of the sunset. Here are some pictures from my trip.

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Family Trip: New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle

I went on a quick four day family vacation with my family. We went to Taos in New Mexico and Palo Durn Canyon State Park. The drive was over twelve hours from Austin to Taos. I have been to Taos multiple times in my life. I don’t know why I am drawn to New Mexico. Maybe it’s the beauty of nature around me? Maybe it’s the fact there’s mountains, desert, and no humidity? I don’t why I find New Mexico so enchanting. For me leaving Texas and going to New Mexico has always been a retreat from life. It was nice to get away from the familiar and see something different.

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Taos Pueblos

On day one of our trip, there were many events that happened and made day one Hell. Event one, We were in Sweet Water, Texas, when our 1st tire blew out. We stopped at a local tire shop and had someone place new tire on the RV. After getting the tire repaired, we stopped at a small restaurant for lunch. My brother ordered chips and salsa for lunch. When my brother, got down to the bottom of his chip basket he discovered there was a dead rat  in the basket. We left and settled for gas station food for lunch. Later on that night, we had two more tires blow out on the the interstate in a little farm community called Plainsview, Texas. This town is located between Lubbock, Texas, and Amarillo, Texas. We made it to a truck stop. My father and brother tried to fix the problem with the tires. No luck. We tried to check in at hotel a nearby the truck and RV. We again had no luck getting a room for the night. We stayed in the truck to get some sleep.

In the morning, day two, we finally were able to address the tire issue. We finally left Plainsview, Texas, around 1 p.m. for Taos, New Mexico.  Most of day two, we spent having the RV fixed and traveling to New Mexico. We finally arrived in Taos around 11 p.m. The drive from Amarillo to Taos should normally only take 6 hours, but with an RV it took much longer. Because we missed our check in time, we ended up staying in the RV in a Walmart parking lot.


Turquoise Window Frame at the Taos Pueblos

Day three, I woke up early to be greeted by mountain air and the beauty of nature around me. We went to the famous Taos Pueblos that’s five minutes from the centre of Taos. We went for about an hour visiting the pueblos and then we were on the road heading towards Palo Durn Canyon State Park back in Texas. I was sad because I wasn’t able to visit a long time friend of mine who lived in a nearby small village called Angle Fire. I was glad that we took Highway 64 up to Clayton, New Mexico. The scenery never gets old for me. I think that road is placed in a very scenic part of New Mexico. There is a canyon, rivers, mountains, greenery, and more of nature. I get excited to revisit this route anytime I am in Taos. I enjoy just driving down this road and enjoying nature.


Cliff on HWY 64

 We drove all the way back to Amarillo, Texas. By the time we got to Palo Durn Canyon, we caught the sun going down. The sun hit the top of the canyon perfectly. My most favourite part of the trip.  It was nice spending an hour driving around the canyon taken pictures as the sun was setting. Before we left the park, I got to see my first live rattlesnake in the wild. The snake was very big and impressive to me. I was glad to be in the safety of my dad’s truck.  Palo Durn Canyon made up for all the Hell at the start of the trip.

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Palo Durn Canyon

For me this trip was too short because of all the issues we had with the RV on day two. I do realise that when unexpected things take place on a trip you lose out on time. I really wish I had more time in New Mexico.  I am very happy that I didn’t stress out too much over the tire issue. I knew everything would eventually work out and we would be back on the road.  I’ve learned over the past year that things and everything eventually works out the way things need to be. Spain has taught me to be patient and to be aware that life will eventual work out. I am happy I got to spend this time with my family and experience the stresses of the tire problem. I look forward to next summer spending more time in New Mexico and Colorado.

Plans for Summer 2015

I will be leaving Madrid,Spain, at the end of May to return home for the summer. I will be working 9 weeks at a Girl Scout Camp. After camp ends, I plan on possibly going to California for 4 days and then back to Austin to spend my remaining time with friends and family. I will leave Austin, Texas, in late August to return to Madrid for year two. I will spend the first couple of weeks in Madrid finding a new home for the coming school. I plan on going on two trips before school starts: Porto and Belgium. After my two trips, work will be starting for the school year. I am excited! I coming home!!!


Rebirth: Why I Will Never Live in Austin Again

I’ve spent most of my life in Austin, Texas. I moved out of Austin at age of 28. I don’t plan on moving back. I finally got myself free from negative energy that was sucking me dry. The negative energy I am talking about are people who I should have never been around. I couldn’t hide in Austin because the city is so small and there was no escape. I moved 5,000 miles away from home and have experienced the personal growth and change I’ve been wanting and lacking. In Madrid, I am mental stimulated again and able to think clearly without the influence of negative energies. I’ve been allowed to shed my old skin for a new skin. It’s a second chance.  I have too many scares and memories in Austin that I want to forget. I want to move on and reinvent myself. I am not running from my past. I am allowing myself a new start without the negative energy effecting my daily life.  After Spain, I am looking to join the Peace Corps for a 2 year term. I want to just live and travel aboard for the next few years. I want to relocate to Seattle by my mid to late 30s.  I am never moving back to Austin, but I will visit the Live Music Capital of the World.