My Travel List for Europe

Year One

  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Spain: Toledo
  • Spain: Segovia
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • Spain: Cordoba, Toledo, Seville, Malaga, Ronda, and Granada
  • Spain: Cuenca
  • Spain: Salamanca and Alvia
  • UK: London, Bath, Edinburgh, and the Scottish Highlands

Year Two

  • France: Paris
  • Germany: Munich
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Italy: Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Florence
  • Romania:  Bucharest
  • Multi Country: Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm Sweden, Berlin Germany, Prague, and Krakow Poland
  •  Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • France:  Marseille

Year 3

  • Scandinavia: Norway
  • Portugal: Oporto
  • Greece: Athens and some islands
  • England, Switzerland, and Hungary
  • Belgium

More Places:

  • West Germany
  • Italy: Milan and Venice
  • Russia
  • Croatia
  • Montenegro
  • Lithuania
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Bordeaux
  • Turkey



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